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Top Zombie Spiele › Gaming. Mit Aldi Life Games geht ein neuer Spiele-Shop an den Start. Zum Auftakt gibt es Rabatte auf Top-Games von Ubisoft. Dead Matter © Quantum Integrity Software. Viel Spaß bei den Top Survival-Spielen ! 7 Days to Die. Subgenre: Zombie-​Survival | Entwickler: The.

Die besten Zombie-Spiele-Apps › Gaming. Im Spielverlauf schlüpft ihr in die Rolle von verschiedenen Überlebenden und stellt euch den bluthungrigen Creepern, dämonischen Zombie-. Mit Aldi Life Games geht ein neuer Spiele-Shop an den Start. Zum Auftakt gibt es Rabatte auf Top-Games von Ubisoft. Dead Matter © Quantum Integrity Software.

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Best zombie games for PC

Auf Top Zombie Spiele Suche nach dem goldenen Buch Top Zombie Spiele der Spieler nun mindestens 3. - 7 Days to Die

Dann beweist es! The Walking Dead. Resident Evil 2. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. The Last of Us Remastered. 6/19/ · The best zombie games prove that the only good pandemic is one that can be used as the narrative justification for a video game plot. Of course, it takes all kinds of the undead to make the best. 5/23/ · Zombi Platforms: Armstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga, IBM PC Publisher: Ubisoft Original Release: Zombie Type: Romero Inspired George Romero is an inspiration for all zombie games. 11/20/ · 7 Days to Die, Left 4 Dead 2, and Dying Light are probably your best bets out of the 10 options considered. "Endless gameplay" is the primary reason people pick 7 Days to Die over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that . Zombies und The Walking Dead 2. Verbessern Sie Ihre Waffen, stellen Sie Deputies ein und rüsten Sie sich, um die Poker Vs Computer zu überleben. Zombi, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Zombie Army Trilogy 4. Resident Evil 2.
Top Zombie Spiele WindowsXbox And Other More Versions Are here. The 10 Best Coop Zombie Games Survive The Zombie Apocalypse With Friends. Leberkäse Brät the question is: Can you manage to survive the 7th day? You have 7 days to prepare yourself for the unavoidable horde of zombies headed your way. Retrieved 31 May Knox county has be quarantined and you are stuck there with a bunch of zombies. Zombie Parkour Runner. At first that seems like a lot of options, while it is, not all options are equal. The sword itself has sat on the Love it or hate it, Resident Evil 5 was a Fc Bayern Vs Schalke for Capcom. Cs Go Skins Auszahlen rewards. The best zombie games prove that the only good pandemic is one that can be used as the narrative justification for a video game plot. Of course, it takes all kinds of the undead to make the best. 7 Days to Die, Left 4 Dead 2, and Dying Light are probably your best bets out of the 10 options considered. "Endless gameplay" is the primary reason people pick 7 Days to Die over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. Zombie Nation Platform: NES Developer: KAZe Original Release: Zombie Type: Disembodied Head Zombie Nation is odd. It stars a samurai's disembodied head on a mission to free a zombified. Dying Light winds up as one of the best, most complex open world zombie games around. A sequel, Dying Light 2, is currently in development. Dying Light is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. State of Decay 2 Gameplay: 8 minutes of Salvage and Survival. Really put your survival skills the test in State of Decay 2. Co-op with up to three friends and defend each other against the incoming zombie horde.
Top Zombie Spiele
Top Zombie Spiele

Top Zombie Spiele einmal 100 Bonus bis Top Zombie Spiele obendrauf. - Ark: Survival Evolved

Dying Light The Following.

You will explore this world while handling weapons as one would expect to do in real life. There will be a good amount to choose Not only was it one of the first games to introduce a parkour element into a horror game, the story follows many The 10 Most Satisfying Zombie Shooting Games.

Get Trigger Happy In These Zombie Shooting Games For 50 years, the world has been captivated by zombies. Their gnarled flesh, rotten teeth, and odd fascination with brains have made them a mainstay in the gaming world, with everything from Left 4 Dead to Dead Rising drawing in millions of loyal Top 10 New Zombie Games That Look Really Fun!

A look at some of the newer zombie games. Let's take a look shall we everyone? Cooperation is key in order to rebuild the community especially your own camp as well as uncover the dark side of the apocalypse.

The 10 Best Coop Zombie Games Survive The Zombie Apocalypse With Friends. Why not annihilate them together, with cooperative games?

Unlike regular multiplayer games, coop style permits several players to team up to combat enemies. No need to Top 15 Movies Like Train to Busan.

Are all zombies alike? Below you will discover each zombie is created differently, and the ones to fear most are those listed below.

Not everyone is perfect, but when it comes to survival, we think about the safety of those closest to us. Each apocalypse scenario is different, but one thing is The Top 10 Best Resident Evil Games To Play on PC.

It is probably the first title people think Top 10 Games Like Dead Island Games Better Than Dead island In Their Own Way. What Are The Best Games Like Dead Island?

Let's take a look! Imagine killing zombies and crafting your own weapons while experiencing a high-tension survival horror experience.

Top 10 New and Upcoming Zombie Games New Zombie Games You Shouldn't Miss Out On Why do we love slaying zombies?

Is it the catharsis? The mindless mayhem? Do we all harbor a deep loathing for the human experience in general and feel the need to eradicate it through the slaughter of the undead?

Or maybe it's just fun! Chances are Top 11 Games Like Left 4 Dead Games Better Than Left 4 Dead In Their Own Way.

What Are The Best Games Like L4D? World War Z Watch: World War Z Gameplay WWZ has three different setting locations and 12 characters total. World War Z is a co-op, four-person shooter with serious survival gameplay.

All the characters and settings have deep back stories, Top 10 Dying Light Best Weapons for Zombie Slaying. Ready to slay the Infected in Dying Light?

Here are the weapons that will get the job done. The sword itself has sat on the Overkill's the Walking Dead Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, Story, News.

The Walking Dead Franchise has received mixed receptions in the video game market. Tower defence game featuring a homeowner defending their home against zombies, which must be defeated by an assortment of plants with different offensive abilities.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. A third person shooter game based on the original Plants vs. Zombies game. It features several new game modes.

Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. A sequel to the game. The Enslaver, a traveller who was turned into a zombie through experimentation, seeks revenge by converting humans into zombies and commanding them to attack the living.

Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend. Expansion pack for first-person shooter game Postal 2 featuring a zombie attack on the fictitious town of Paradise. An isometric zombie survival role-playing game under ongoing development.

Realm of Impossibility. Apple IIe , Atari 8-bit family , Commodore 64 , ZX Spectrum. An isometric action adventure game with 13 levels. Zombies, spiders and snakes must be avoided in order to reclaim the crowns stolen by an evil cleric.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Downloadable content for the open-world wild west game Red Dead Redemption. Players try to find a cure for the plague which is turning locals into zombies.

Resident Evil series. Survival horror series featuring flesh-eating zombies created by synthetic means, [82] such as infection with the fictional T-virus.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Linux , Mac OS X , PlayStation 2 , Windows , Xbox. First-person shooter from the Wolfenstein series, players fight Nazi soldiers and numerous zombies.

The object of the game is to prevent the raising of an army of undead Nazis. The game uses full-body control via the Kinect motion sensor, players attack zombies using different types of weapons which degrade over time.

Players must bring down attacking zombies with music by using a guitar controller. Dreamcast , Nintendo 64 , PlayStation , Windows. Players assume the role of Mike Leroi, who is cursed to be a zombie slave but has also been chosen to be the Shadow Man.

Shellshock 2: Blood Trails. First-person shooter, a zombie outbreak in Vietnam during the Vietnam War is caused by a virus called WhiteKnight.

Siren series. PlayStation 2 , PlayStation 3. Survival horror series. Space Pirates and Zombies. A shooter game set in space, containing role-playing and strategy elements.

The titular zombies emerge late in the game and operate in a similar manner to the Borg of Star Trek , by assimilating space ships and crew into an undead horde.

State of Decay. Windows , Xbox Live Arcade. Unlike games such as Left 4 Dead and Dead Island , State of Decay will focus more on survival, stealth, evasion, distractions, securing the player's resources, and moving through the world than actual zombie combat.

Windows , Xbox One. Sequel to State of Decay. It places emphasis on how the player's leaderships skills fare against an onslaught of problems, such as diminishing survival resources, group trust and morale, zombie extermination, base defenses, and people's lives.

The game combines elements of shooters, stealth, role-playing and strategy games and the game challenges players to survive by exploring, scavenging, and fighting the undead.

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. Mac OS X , Windows , Xbox , Xbox A third-person comedy game played as the titular zombie.

Humans are converted into zombies when killed by Stubbs, creating an army of zombies. Features two different play modes, story and arcade, the former involves surviving a zombie holocaust by scavenging and interacting with other survivors, the latter is a straightforward shooter game.

Family Computer. One of the first survival horror games, [94] it featured zombies as enemies representing previous visitors who never made it out of the mansion alive.

Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys! Platform game with puzzle elements, players control three zombies with different abilities in order to thwart the alien brains which have invaded Earth.

They Hunger series. A trilogy of single-player mods for Half-Life , the first is set in a rural area of the United States of America.

Later in the series settings such as missile silos are explored. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. PS2 , Xbox , GameCube.

The third installment of the popular time travel-themed First Person Shooter contained playable multiplayer characters and enemy AI that are commonly referred to as Zombies [98].

Touch the Dead. On-rail, first-person shooter. A prisoner named Rob Steiner escapes from jail while battling countless zombies, the player attacks by using the console's touchscreen.

The Typing of the Dead. Dreamcast , Windows. A touch typing trainer version of The House of the Dead 2. A hack 'n slash game featuring a trio of undead knights who can reanimate their victims as zombies and send them into battle.

Mac , Windows. A multiplayer survival game described by one critic as a combination of Dayz and Minecraft. The game uses the free-to-play payment model.

A massively multiplayer online game where players choose whether to play as a human survivor or a zombie in the battle for control of a quarantined city.

The artistic concept of the game is heavily based on voodoo culture. All characters excluding the unnamed protagonist are soulless zombies bounded to a ghost ship.

The Walking Dead. Android , iOS , Kindle Fire HDX , Mac OS X , PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 , Ouya , PlayStation Vita , Windows , Xbox , Xbox One.

Based on the comic series and being developed by Telltale Games , this licensed video game is due to be "multi-year, multi-platform, multi-title".

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. PlayStation 3 , Wii U , Windows , Xbox Warcraft III series.

Mac OS , Mac OS X , Windows. The Undead Scourge race contains classic flesh-consuming zombies Ghouls and Abominations.

The Forsaken race in the later World of Warcraft MMORPG are zombies who had rebelled against the Scourge.

World of the Living Dead Resurrection. Survival Strategy Browser Game currently in closed beta testing. Players compete for resources in order to keep their group of survivors alive in a zombie plagued Los Angeles.

The X-Files: Resist or Serve. A survival horror game based on the television series, The X-Files. The player can play as either Fox Mulder or Dana Scully , who are investigating a town overrun by zombies.

Part of Sega 's Yakuza series, the martial combat of previous titles has been replaced with an emphasis on gun battles. The city has been infected with a zombie plague and now a third of the population are zombies.

Zafehouse: Diaries series. Single-player turn-based strategy games, portrayed mostly via a map and diary. The games require management of survivors' interpersonal relationships in addition to standard zombie survival actions.

Icon-driven graphic adventure inspired by the film Dawn of the Dead. A group of survivors is forced to land their helicopter atop a zombie infested shopping mall, the vehicle must be refueled so they can escape.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Zombie Apocalypse. The player has to shoot or decapitate zombies across seven different areas. An overhead-view mission-based driving game taking place in a zombie apocalypse.

Players act as the gunner on an ACU Spectre gunship. The object is to destroy as many zombies and monsters as possible, while helping as many human civilians as possible reach the safety of a bunker, before the zombies reach the bunker or too many friendly fire incidents occur.

The Zombie Island of Dr. Zombie-themed downloadable content for Borderlands featuring a swamp island filled with undead.

Players must repair their neighbourhood after a zombie apocalypse and locate their missing wife and dog. Top 3 Favorite Games: League of Legends, Diablo, Dark Souls II.

State of Decay Zombies kindly informing the characters that it is illegal to ride in the back of a truck. They are just misunderstood. Log in or register to post comments reads.

More Top Stories. The Top 10 Best Zombie Games You'll Ever Need. How Many of These Zombie Games Have You Played? Zombie games are one of the most popular genre.

The living can't seem to get enough of the undead whether we're watching them ravage humanity on television, shooting virtual hordes on our consoles, or flipping through the latest zombie Top 11 Games Like Dead Island.

Check out the top 11 games like Dead Island to satiate your horror needs. Can't get enough of Dead Island? Have you played it so much that you can quote the dialogue or maybe you've just beaten it and you need a new fix?

Now try out these top 11 games like Dead Island for a The Best Zombie Killing Games To Play Right Now. Top 10 Games Like Resident Evil. The Best Games Like Resident Evil Resident Evil is one of the most successful and popular franchises in gaming history, even with the latest and seventh installment.

The franchise, spanning over twenty years shows no sign of slowing down and revolutionized the first-person shooter zombie game, a Top 11 Best Multiplayer Zombie Games.

Zombie Games Are Fun. But Multiplayer Zombie Games Are Awesome There's nothing like fighting for your life with your friends against hordes of the brain-eating undead.

Sometimes modern life just gets too easy. Sometimes, you need to sit down and enter the world of a simulated And though hundreds of creatively designed zombie games exist in the Survival Game Dead Matter triples its KickStarter Goal.

Quantum Integrity Software Incorporated, located in Calgary Canada is the start up behind a new sandbox survival horror game.

Dead Matter is a post apocalyptic zombie game that was originally released as a mod for Crysis 2 in It was greenlighted by steam in December of , and as of July Top 10 Best PS4 Zombie Games.

On Playstation 4, the undead roam. Zombies are always hungry like the wolf. Ready to band together with the rest of humanity to fight the legion of the undead?

Not sure where to start your noble zombie slaughter? Check out these great online zombie survival games and get your supplies ready—the fight for humanity is raging on.

DayZ If you're You know, typical apocalypse stuff. The random events that unfold on the road and in the top-down, zombie-dodging segments feed into one another; a few good supply runs mean you'll have enough gas and food to choose riskier responses, but getting overconfident in either part of the game could quickly turn deadly.

And this is not a game that's afraid to perma-kill your randomly generated darlings. It smarts even more if you use the optional create-a-survivor feature to seed your game world with pixelated versions of your friends and family.

No matter who you need to leave behind, you'd better be ready to start up that car and get gone if you want to make it north of the border.

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Top Zombie Spiele
Top Zombie Spiele Log in or register to post comments. If you loved the Dead Space series I believe that you will love Routine. Log in or register to post comments. Ever Are Casinos Opening In Ontario About Riding Your Very Own Raptor Mount? Imagine killing zombies and crafting your own weapons while experiencing a high-tension survival horror experience.


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